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Ocular Prosthetic Services

Cleaning- Polishing- Evaluation: Yearly in office cleaning and evaluation of ocular prosthetics is recommended.  Prosthetic eyes that are uncomfortable, cause excessive discharge, do not look good, or are moved out of place easily may indicate underlying problems.  They should be evaluated for changes.


Artificial Eyes: Following surgery to remove an eye (enucleation or evisceration) an artificial eye is fitted to restore lid function, aid in socket tissue health and restore a patient’s appearance.


Scleral Shells: These thin ocular prosthetics fit over an existing eye.  A typical candidate has a non-sighted eye that is slightly shrunken.  Patients that have been unsuccessful with cosmetic contact lenses often have great success with this type of prosthesis.  Unlike contact lenses, scleral shells have the advantage of helping lift a droopy lid without surgical intervention.


Theraputic and Stretch Conformers: Children who are born with underdeveloped eye anatomy can benefit from this service.  Stretch conformers aid in normal orbital growth while preparing the socket for a prosthesis.  Additionally, sockets that have encountered severe trauma with tissue scarring benefit from conformers when they are not easily fitted with traditional prosthetics.



Bev Woltman


Scleral Shells | Artificial Eyes | Therapeutic and Stretch Conformers


Specializing in custom fitted artificial eyes (ocular prosthetics) for non-seeing and post- surgical eyes.


Over 30 years eyecare training working with Optometrists Ophthalmologists, and Ocularists.

American Society of Ocularists
Ocularist since 2001
Board Approved Diplomate Ocularist since 2006
Journal of Ophthalmic Prosthetics
Published author
10 year Advertising Director
National Examining Board of Ocularists
Board Certified Ocularist since 2007
Graduate of Elmhurst College
BA Art with high honors
Completed specialized coursework in scientific illustration
Accomplished in working with patients ranging from 1 month to 100 years!


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"Bev has been helping my mom for a number of years now. She is a special caring Ocularist. Mom has a prosthetic eye and Bev has taken special care to make sure my mom's eye looks good, feels good and is a healthy fit for her. Mom is 98 years old and Bev even offered to do a house call if the weather is bad and mom can't travel to her. Bev is very good at what she does and I recommend her highly."

James P.


"Our experience was wonderful, and Bev made us so comfortable.  She is great working with children, and took the time to explain the entire process to Ashley and show her how the impression would be made, even sampling the material so she could touch and feel it.  Bev was so thorough in the process, ensuring the prothesis had the exact fit and was a perfect match with the color and other details. She is truly talented and wonderful at what she does! We are so happy with the new shell.  Its beautiful and so natural looking.  Thank you Bev!"

Dana L.